Entrepreneurship is certainly not for everyone. It is incredibly invigorating, yet undoubtedly challenging and exhausting. Entrepreneurship is a gilded endeavor, looking shiny and lucrative on the outside while being an unpredictable challenge on the inside. It is not for the faint of heart. Anyone who has experienced it knows exactly what it feels like to be able to work towards something that you love so deeply day in and day out while also feeling such pressure to work yourself down to the bone. Along with this, it seems like nobody really talks about just how difficult it is. It’s almost as if the struggle is a point of entry that teaches you resilience, resourcefulness, and finesse. However, there is something to be said for new entrepreneurs who may or may not need a wake up call. That’s what we’re here for. Here is the hard truth about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not all about you.

Harsh, we know. But everybody needs to hear it at some point. Starting a small business will not always feel good. It will challenge everything you stand by at every turn — what matters is how you handle it. Do you buckle under pressure or work through it to the best of your ability? Do you make the right decision even if it’s the more difficult route to go? These ultimatums can be incredibly deflating. Do you let them get the best of you or do you face them head on? It’s important to understand that you will probably feel frustrated or lost much more than you will feel smart or successful, at least in the beginning. Over time, you will become more comfortable with putting your ego to the side and doing what is best for your business. This is a tactful skill that takes some guts — but that’s what us entrepreneurs are all about. Guts, heart, and a smart business mind. This may be common knowledge or a huge slap in the face. Either way, it’s a valuable lesson to learn. Let us know what other hard truths you have had to learn in your small business ownership!