As an entrepreneur, you certainly have all of your ducks in a row. You’re working towards high efficiency and productivity, building a reputation, and most of all creating a product that you know customers will love. But there’s one catch… where do customers come from? How do you obtain customers and, more importantly, how do you keep them? Loyal customers come from excellent customer service, which is key to the progression of your business. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to enhance your business’s customer service. Know Your Product

In order to provide strong customer service, it is essential that you and all of your employees have a thorough understanding of your products and services. Be conscious of frequently asked questions, armed with in-depth knowledge that has the ability to answer them at the drop of a hat. Not only will this make customers feel like they’re in the right hands, but they will be impressed with your articulate answers. Ask for Feedback

Directly asking customers for feedback on your product provides a surprising amount of insight into the wants and needs of your audience. Creating questionnaires, surveys, polls, etc for your customers to fill out following their experience with your business creates an opportunity for feedback that can help you enhance your product and customer experience. Be Responsive

Nothing is more frustrating than unresponsive customer service. Make your business stand out from the crowd by being as responsive as possible to customers who reach out for help, inquiries, etc. Even a simple response saying that you are looking into their question is better than leaving them hanging. Be Respectful and Kind

The golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. Customer service can get messy and emotional at times, so be sure to avoid letting your emotions get in the way of seeing a happy and potentially recurring customer. Always thank them for their time and support and remain consistently courteous and respectful. In what ways do you enhance your business’s customer experience? We would love to hear them, so leave a comment!