If your target market uses Instagram, you would want your business to have an Instagram account. Here are five quick steps to begin utilizing it to help your business get more visibility. These are not only free but also efficient. When you start with any goal, set aside reasonable time for it and then get to work: 1. Post frequently: If you don’t look back and post on your account often, your followers will not either. If you’re already posting on Facebook, you can piggyback and use the same content for Instagram. Remember Instagram is a lot more visual but here are some tips about how to create engaging content: https://www.theviziers.com/post/how-to-create-engaging-content

2. Follow for Follow: To be part of any community, even digital, it’s important to engage with the people in it. Find your local influencers and businesses and follow them, more often than not, they will reciprocate. This is how you grow your following.

3. Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags for your business so your account pops up on the feed of Instagram users who are interested in those specific hashtags.

4. Reels: Instagram recently introduced reels and they show up on feeds a lot more to keep people engaged. Post more reels on your business Instagram account to gain visibility.

5. Collaborate: Find influencers and businesses that complement your business and ask them if they’d share your posts on their stories. These are accounts people already follow and look up to. Some influencers also put up sponsored ads that you can look into if within your budget.

The Viziers SEO Dashboard allows you to post and engage with your business Instagram account and many other platforms, all from one spot. You can schedule a free audit or contact us for more information. But first, tell us, do you use Instagram? As a business? As an individual?