It has been three weeks since National Small Business Week. The irony is a lot of small business owners might not even have noticed their businesses were being celebrated nationally! Did you? We compiled a list of things you can do to celebrate your business throughout the year; your business will thank you for it. 1. Join a BNI, Chamber of Commerce, or Other Business Club

A little bit of research goes a long way in this decision! Who would you like to network with? What can you afford? In 2020 so many of the platforms have gone virtual so the options are limitless but choose something that is practical for your personality, schedule, and budget! And then see how you help each other rise up! 2. Support & Partner With Another Business

Do you mention other small businesses to your clients? Maybe give them a space to leave their business cards for your clients or give them a shoutout in your monthly newsletter? You can ask them to do the same for you! Small business owners can relate to each other’s struggles so easily. They are looking for a tribe but caught in operations to a point that they do not remember it’s National Small Business Week. Don’t wait for them to connect and don’t worry that they will not be interested if you inquire. Reach out to businesses that are complementary to yours and connect! Two entrepreneurs brainstorming; you will come up with collaboration ideas in no time! 3. Create Hype

Day to day marketing may not get the interest you’d like from potential clients but a few flashy ideas can spark some major curiosity! Combine a contest for the public with an event for your customers, perhaps post some promotions. Then let the burst of hype around your business naturally get potential clients curious about your brand! 4.Try a New Small Business Tool

Business is about improving processes, once you have figured out how to go about a process, it is time to automate it. By doing this, you get a chance to look at one of the many other areas of your business that need some attention. This helps you evolve as a business owner and helps your business evolve too! So try a new small business tool to help you do just that! With our already specialized SEO Dashboard, you can achieve online marketing synergy from day one! Schedule a free audit now. 5. Brush up on SEO

What is search engine optimization (SEO) and why is everyone discussing it? Well, it is very very VERY relevant to you if you have a website or your business is listed online! Take some time out to figure out what it is and what’s currently happening with SEO! Then find a reliable company to help you as this does not happen instantly and you do not want to spend time and energy for months, just to find out the company you hired is not effective. There are a lot of people out there who will want to help but some are not affordable for small business owners and others don’t produce results. Our SEO dashboard empowers you to know your ranking from the first day. More than that, it is priced with a small business budget in mind. Schedule a free audit today! What other ways do you celebrate your business?