Are you getting Inception feels yet? Since a lot of our clients use our SEO Dashboard to track their keyword rankings and see how their local brand value is improving, we thought it was time to blog about blogging! This is one way to improve your keyword ranking (especially for localized domains) and keep it on the up and up! Here are some key points every business owner needs to know about blogging: 1. Business Blogging is all about your client Think of the consumer journey Awareness>Consideration>Purchase>Loyalty>Advocacy Each stage has a unique set of information/engagement needs. Remember to make it about them and remember, engagement meaning everything. If your prospective (or existing) customers find your content doesn’t add value to their day, what will be their incentive to read it?

Google and other platforms tracking user engagement the resulting scores determine how your site is displayed in search results. Wondering where your business’ web presence ranking is, right now? Schedule a free audit with us! 2. Backlink Authority pages Content does not have to be 100% original. In fact, there is some merit to giving a mention to the pages you collected information from. Mark Traphagen’s The Three Pillars of SEO: Authority, Relevance, and Trust inspired a lot of the advice we give to our customers in our monthly consultations. Often times the authority articles are tedious to read through so readers might rely on summaries to better understand the content relevant to them.

3. Practice, practice, practice Business blogging is a skill, like any other, that improves with practice. Take a look at our own blog, for example. Our posts today are light years ahead of our past posts and we’re only going to improve from here. The same goes for you. Pick a topic the is important to (or helps) your customers, spend some time researching it and type away. It’ll help you in more ways than one.

4. Keywords in the blog description You have done the hard work and said what needed to be said. Now make sure people can find it. Posting blog post links on social media is one way of getting the word out, but remember those post descriptions are another way to get the search algorithms to see your websites in a new light. You can use our dashboard to find out which keywords you need to improve your ranking in and plug them right into the description. Your blog post is now perfection!