As small business owners, we have all been there! Starting with one idea that sparks joy and using all our energy, resources, and platforms to make it a success. It is akin to shooting laser beams out of your fingers, except not as seamless as you might imagine! Given all that we take on, is Social Media Marketing something you should take advantage of? In this day and age, the answer is going to be an unequivocal yes. Here are three things to keep in mind when taking on the “big, bad world” of Social Media: 1. Set Clear Goals What is it that you are trying to achieve? Brand awareness? Generating sales? Managing your Business’s online reputation? A little bit of everything? Set yourself goals that are clear rather than shooting in the dark. We often work with business owners who have spent a lot of money to improve their SEO. Typically it requires having blind faith in whomever they are paying and crossing their fingers that the results will come in the typically quoted 6-8 months. Stop! Imagine… What if you had a tool that would tell you your local brand value score from the get-go and updated regularly to show you how you are improving (or not)? Without aiming, you’ll never hit the target. Contact us if you like the sound of that.

2. Hold yourself accountable Setting yourself up for success has never been easier. We all know since we are go-getters, business owners can take on a lot. So once we commit, building that consistency is crucial to meeting the goals you have set! Choose a day (or night) of the week that works best for you and mark it in your calendar. Check in to your very own SEO Dashboard, it will show you what’s helping and what’s hurting your local brand value score and you can get to work!

3. Plan Comprehensively Speaking of getting to work, remember how you are shooting laser beams out of your fingers? Well, with great power comes great responsibility, so you need to plan on where you point those. To make progress in the right direction you’ll need to keep all aspects of it in mind. Publishing on multiple platforms, backlinking them to your website, blogging, keeping listings updated, staying on top of reviews, and phew… I just ran out of breath listing all those! What’s neat is, our SEO Dashboard blankets more than just the score and you can manage all of it with the ease under one virtual roof. That is convenience every small business owner covets!