Who is your target audience and what do you see them connecting to? For example, if your target audience is parents, you can observe what parents engage with. Funny memes about the difficulties of parenting, easy riddles and trivia pop out (they give them enough of a challenge for that moment but is not overwhelming), tips about parenting and other parenting trends are what will catch a parent’s attention. If you are posting on Facebook, most of the time people are scrolling through their news for a “good time” not some heavy-handed product and service exhibit. And while brand consistency and creating a need are important, engagement goes hand in hand. Is your target audience liking your posts? Are they commenting on them?

1. Make posts interactive

Basic trivia and riddles while scrolling through the newsfeed provides a quick challenge for the audience that they typically find fun and engage with. The same is also true for relevant posts like Back to School time or Halloween. Keeping it as honest and real as possible makes it relatable. Best of all, posting stories of your successes, your customer’s feedback and your daily business routine (great weather, power outage) can help the audience connect with you. You can schedule posts on all of your business Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, and Instagram accounts directly from The Viziers Dashboard. Cross posting does not get more convenient than that!

2. Be responsive

If you get a comment, respond. Yes, like or love comments but also respond with something as simple as a “Yes” or even a GIF. As GIFs are more visual, they typically resonate more with the audience. They also make it a little more personal, they realize there is a person on the other end and not just an automated response. Just be sure to watch the GIF till the very end to check it is appropriate! Not only can you post, but you can respond to comments on all of your Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, and Instagram posts from The Viziers Dashboard.

3. Giveaways and collaborations

There are influencers and businesses who share the same target audience as you; collaborate with them to increase your likes and comments. This could be as simple as a shout out or more elaborate like a special discount or promotion you have going just with them. Giveaways are loved by all but do these far and few and make sure what you are giving away attracts your target audience!